Health and Wellbeing

Our Aim

To design and coordinate a wide range of activities, services and projects which will improve the physical and mental wellbeing of adults and young people living in south Sheffield.

lady boxing

Our Groups and Activities

  • The Lunch Club is run for people aged over 60 to encourage them to meet people, build relationships and feel more part of their community.
  • The GLOW Youth Group provides support, advice and guidance to teenage girls on issues which are relevant to them.
  • SORTED confidential and supportive sexual health advice for young people aged 13-19.
  • Wednesday Club is an open access youth group for boys and girls aged 11-18, providing a safe environment to have fun and meet new people.

Our Services

  • The Fitbus Service runs twice a week to take people to the local gym and pool.
  • The Health Practitioner Service provides one-to-one support to encourage people to make positive changes to their lifestyle.
  • Dementia Support Service aims to improve people's understanding of Dementia through education and training, and increase the availability of Dementia Friendly activities locally.

Our Projects

  • Live Better: Get Connected which helps tackle isolation and loneliness in people over 50, by getting them connected with their local community.
  • The Herding's Food Growers project which gets local people working outdoors to grow their own food produce.
  • The Herding's Makers project which enables local people with joinery and woodworking skills to use these skills to make equipment for the growers project.