We run a lunch club for older people (aged 60 and above) on Tuesdays in Gleadless Valley. We can accommodate up to 20 people and we provide transport to and from lunch club for those guests who need it. The lunch club is run by a team of volunteers who drive and escort guests on the minibus, cook and serve a hot, nutritious meal and provide activities such as bingo and a raffle.

One Sheffield resident, Hannah, lost her husband just a year after moving here. When her husband died, she hardly knew anyone in the city and this made an emotional time even more difficult. She felt isolated and alone in her flat. Hannah’s niece found out about a chairobics class run by Reach South Sheffield. Hannah joined the class and the lunch club and started using our gym bus to get to the gym. She has got to know a lot of local people through these activities and feels much less isolated now.

“Without the encouragement and support of Reach Volunteers, I think i would have given up by now. Thanks to them I am starting to enjoy life again and feel part of the community”


For more information, contact our health team on 0114 239 8946