What We Do

What is Reach South Sheffield?

Our CEO, Steve Rundell, answers some questions about Reach.

Q. So Reach is part of the Council, is that right?

A: No that's not right. Reach is a completely independent charity. No one at Reach is employed by the Council. We do get a little bit of money from the City Council and we work with them where possible, but that's it.

 Q: What does Reach do?

A: We are what's known as a regeneration charity. That means the purpose of Reach is to make communities in South Sheffield better place to live, work and play. At the moment we do this by offering a range of services including youth work activity, adult education and skills, services for senior community members and a library service, plus lots more.

Q: Who tells you all what to do? Who do you answer to?

A: We have a voluntary Board Of Directors that meets monthly and directs the work of the staff. They are all members of the local community. We report back to the community through social media and this website, public meetings and public events, all of which are advertised in community venues. So we answer to you. It is your voice we listen to, the people of South Sheffield.

 Q: If you're not part of the Council, where do you get your money from?

A: Trying to get enough money in to run all the services that local people want and need is a constant struggle. Each year we need around £500,000 to keep going: to pay the rent and bills, to pay for the tutors to run courses, to pay for all the activities we put on for young people, to pay wages and so on. We get the money from wherever we can. Some of it comes from private Trusts, some from donations, some from the Council as I said before, some from contract work we do and some money we generate by selling the services we provide to those that can pay. This means that no one has much security in their work as we often don't know if we will have enough money to pay salaries next year, or even next month.

 Q: If I want to find out more, or come and be a volunteer what should I do?

A: Come in to 187 Blackstock Road. We'll be happy to chat over a cup of tea and we can show you what we are all up to. Or come to one of our community Members Meetings where you can hear reports from staff and have your say. The meetings are open to everyone.