Our Learning Champion

Wesley Peters, Reach's Learning Champion, can give you support and information to get on the right course for you.

"In June 2015, I applied for a Learning Champion role at Reach and was very pleased when I was offered the job. I'm still learning new things every day and the team are a great bunch. My role is to be a point of contact for learners and tutors, offering support and ideas for courses, helping in any way needed really! No two days are ever the same and the work is very rewarding. It's nice to go home at the end of the day, feeling a sense of achievement.

"I come from an electronics background originally, moving onto computers. I'd been self-employed for a while as a PC technician then found myself unemployed and became lacking in self-confidence. I tried to find some work in the charity sector, hopefully in my field and did, as a Digital Champion. Tackling digital inclusion, I help people from all walks of life feel more confident using modern technology. This gives me the ability to share my knowledge and gain some new skills. I have also used these opportunities to develop my knowledge of other cultures in Sheffield I otherwise wouldn't have experienced."

Not sure if learning is for you? See if you can recognise yourself in the list below:

  • You've just moved into the area and want to make new friends
  • Maybe you're retired and have more time on your hands to learn new skills
  • You've been at home for a while bringing up the kids but fancy a bit of time to yourself to update your qualifications and make new friends
  • You've been ill and stuck in the house not seeing anyone
  • You're not working and are bored stiff
  • Or maybe you're doing a job you dislike and want to re-train or just want to get your first job and show what you can really do in life
  • Perhaps you just woke up one day and wanted to change something about your life - put the past behind you.

But how can a Learning Champion help me?

  • Meeting with you to discuss your individual needs
  • Finding a course to suit you
  • Helping arrange and pay for childcare
  • Going with you to your first class
  • Coming to speak to your group about courses
  • Listening to find out what training and learning opportunities you would like in your area
  • Trying to make sure that courses take place at a time and venue that fits in with your life
  • Signposting you to other people or organisations which can help you access learning and training both citywide and locally

Here is Amanda's story.